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Umbrella Consulting was founded to help organizations and their people create and implement their strategic plans. We do this by facilitating strategic planning meetings, leading corporate training, and providing executive coaching and expert advice to senior leaders.

We are passionate about providing exceptional and adaptable service, which means working alongside our clients so we can get to know your organization’s culture. We take a people-first approach, making sure our strategic planning is valuable, enjoyable, and sustainable for your teams. You need processes and frameworks that are accessible and easy to understand, so we deliver solutions that empower you to become proficient in strategic planning and thinking so you can continue executing solutions in the future.

Driving growth and profitability, reducing costs, minimizing employee turnover, developing leadership talent or improving customer loyalty and retention. Whatever the issue facing your business, Umbrella Consulting links your people, operations and business strategy to deliver results - tangible, measurable, lasting results.

Umbrella Consulting provides an integrated approach to waste reduction / elimination, process improvement, and financial growth. We can work with you to translate your business strategies into business results.